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SYSL Recreational Program


SYSL offers recreational soccer for children aged U3 through U18:

  • Intramural is for children aged U3 to U8
  • Interleague is for children aged U9 to U18

The Under 3-4, Rising-Future Stars Program uses a variety of fun games to delight and engage kids in physical activity. The curriculum is professionally designed to develop motor skills, promote physical fitness, and create self-confidence.


The U5 3v3 Micro Program is a combination of fun soccer games designed to teach fundamental ball skills and small sided games to reinforce newly acquired skills. (Triangle Shape)

The U6 4v4 Program increases from a 3v3 to a 4v4 format to increase passing opportunities. (Diamond Shape)

The U7 5v5 Program moves to a larger field with more traditional goals and introduces a goaltender for the same 4 players to learn to pass back to: (Diamond Shape with Goaltender)

  • Diamond Shape - The players focus at this level to move as a group together, keeping their diamond shape to increase their ball handling skills, passing opportunities and shared defensive coverage.
  • The goaltender is an active player that can receive and pass the ball with their feet to switch the direction of play to the other side of the field when needed.

  • The goaltender also watches the entire field to help the team and defends the goal with both their hands (with gloves) and their feet.

The U8 7v7 Program moves up to a larger field again, with even larger goals. Spatial awareness and combination play become more advanced as they progress through the program. Multiple grouping (Diamond + Triangle Shapes):

  • The 6 players now have the opportunity to group into separate shapes that can combine and work with each other passing and defending from to group to group.
  • The goaltender can now receive and pass the ball to either group that presents the best opportunity to move the ball up against the opposing team.

The Interleague Program begins at age 9, and moves up again to a larger field with larger goals.

  • This is the first opportunity for players and teams to play regularly scheduled games against outside teams!

  • Please refer to the Interleague section for more information.

Recreational News

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