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Frequently asked Questions

Frequently asked Questions:

1. When and where are practices?

One practice each week will be run by professional trainers for each gender and age group combined. Trainers will lead each coach in a drill and the coach will execute the drill with their team under the supervision of the trainers. Age group practices will be curriculum based so all age group registrants are learning the same age appropriate skills. Professional practice days are mandatory and published well in advance so you can make arrangements in your schedule to accommodate this (see programs above to find your age group and practice day). a second practice are up to the discretion of each coach. Some practice during the week after school and some on Saturdays. Practices can be at any Sachem elementary or Middle school and on our fields. If you cannot make a practice, notify you coach in advance. Many coaches will preplan a session based on the full team attending. All practices are at Waverly fields.


2. When and where are games?

All intramural games are played at Waverly Avenue soccer fields. Your registration includes 9 games in the fall (1st Sunday after Labor Day until mid November) and spring (mid to late march until early June)

excluding holidays and severe weather. Make up weekends may not be feasible for missed weekends due to weather. Intramural/Interleague games are played on Sundays. Times vary each week.


3. What Equipment do I need?

Each soccer player is required to wear soccer shin guards and either sneakers or soccer cleats. No other sports cleats are permitted. The referee will prohibit you from participating in the game with any other sport cleats. Soccer cleats are distinctive in that they have no toe cleat.


4. Do I need a Uniform?

All registrants except under 4 Future stars are required to purchase an Intramural or Interleague uniform. Intramural uniforms consist of a mesh reversible shirt, soccer shorts, and two pairs of soccer socks. Interleague uniforms include one yellow shirt, soccer shorts, and one pair of socks. When the weather gets cold, we will play. Children are permitted to play in sweatpants/leggings and a sweatshirt/Jacket. The sweatshirt/Jacket must be under their uniform and any hoods tucked into the back of the uniform. Hats and gloves are also permitted. Go to our SYSL Store, for more information.


5. My child wants to play up with his classmates?

The league prohibits a child from playing outside of their age group. Age group cut-offs run from August to July. This leads to a child playing with some of their classmates and some a class under them. The only exception to this if a situation where a child’s skill is so far advanced from their age group that playing up would benefit their soccer advancement. The registrar and Intramural trustee must be notified by the coach and observation of the child must be done by both before any move is considered. No move will take place until after the season ends.


6. I want to stay with the same coach or players?

While you are free to ask, league policy is to not grant requests to play for specific coaches or play with specific kids. If a hardship exists, that must be explained in the comments section of the registration process and the league will take that under advisement. But they are no guarantees it will be granted.


7. What happens with bad weather?

Cancellations due to weather or field conditions will usually be made the morning of game day. Cancellations will be posted on our website and notifications will go out via email to all registrants. We will normally play through a light rain and cold temperatures.


8. How much should my child play?

Each player is guaranteed a minimum of 50% playing time for intramurals. It is up to each coach to monitor this. If you have an issue, contact the Intramural trustees listed on the website.


9. My child’s ears were just pierced?

NO JEWELRY. This is a requirement imposed on us by our insurance carrier and for the safety of your child and the other players. You must take any hard jewelry off, including earrings and hard hair clips. If your child just got their ears pierced and cannot take the earrings out, you will not be permitted to play. The referee will prohibit you from entering the field. You may ask for a board member but our policy is not negotiable. It is no acceptable to cover up earrings with tape or band aids. This policy is for all practices and games.


10. How do I register?

You go to the registration tab for the U3/U4 Stars Program or the U5-U8 Intramural Program, both of these programs include both the fall and spring seasons. U9+ Interleague registration includes both seasons as well. Included with your registration will be participation awards for the fall to be handed out on team/Individual picture night (usually the week after the last game in the fall) and handed to each participant by the coach on the last day of the spring season.


11. What is the difference between travel and Interleague?

The travel program is a highly competitive program which involves travel to neighboring clubs on Long Island to play competitive soccer games. Standings are kept. The cost of a travel team will consist of dues, trainer fees, tournament entry fees, etc. Interleague is for the less competitive soccer player who

wants to continue playing. Cost is considerably less and commitment is also less involved. This is a recreational league. No standings. Trophies will be awarded by Sachem.


12. What if I have a problem with my coach?

If you have a problem with a coach or another parent, don’t take matters into your hands. Go to our website and contact the appropriate Intramural trustee. If they cannot help they will find the right person to address the issue sufficiently.


13. This is my child’s first year and it looks nothing like soccer?

We have structured our age groups to play small sided games. This allows each child maximum touches on the ball. Children are learning the basics at this age and our professional trainers are excellent at teaching these skills. Pushing is a big problem at the younger age groups as kids learn the physical nature of the sport. This abates with time, be patient and don’t lose your cool if it happens.

14. I want to coach but know nothing about soccer?

That’s perfectly fine. SYSL will do everything to insure that you are equipped to coach these little players, including professional coaches during game day, coaching clinics, and mentoring. All coaches must wear ID tags identifying them as Sachem coaches for all practices and games. These badges let you know that a coach has been cleared to coach our children.


15. Why is my child playing for the opposing Sachem team?

Sometimes another team may be limited in the amount of players that have for a game. In these cases, we ask coaches to share players. Our league is intramurals. Winning and losing are not important aspects of SYSL. Development of the soccer player is paramount so if that means your child may play on the opposing team to get him more touches or help the other coaches out, it is a good thing. Coaches are instructed to rotate that player so everyone gets a chance on the other team.


16. Why did my coach tell the team to stop scoring?

We try hard to teach these kids sportsmanship during competition. If the score is lopsided in favor of one team, the coaches and referees should follow the 5 goal rule, meaning no score differential should exceed 5 goals. We ask coaches to add players until it is balanced or restrict their players in some form to make the game challenging and fair.


17. What should I do on the sidelines during games?

CHEER FOR ALL PLAYERS. Don’t ever yell at referees. These are children. Imagine some adult yelling at your child while referring. Don’t instruct your child. Leave it up to each coach. To many voices serve to confuse the child, not help them. If you hear another parent taking about your child on the sidelines, walk away and get a board member of the day. Coaches should be encouraging and limit instruction to sidelines. Please see a copy of our SYSL Code of Conduct


18. If I have an issue, who do I bring it to?

Each Sunday, there are many board members on the field and two specifically assigned for that weekend. Any issues should be taken to them. They are stationed by the trailers. Arguing with a parent or coach in front of the children only serves to set a bad example.


19. When will I hear from my coach?

After registration ends, we hold a general meeting for all coaches in mid august. At that time, they are given rosters and are free to hold practices. If you don’t hear from them, you can log into your account and see all their contact info. Call them and introduce yourself. Schedules are posted on our website and field maps are also available so you know where to report on game day.


20. Do boys and girls play on the same team?

Each division will have separate boys and girls divisions. We don’t offer co-ed teams.


21. Where do I register?

Register @

Create an account for you and your child. Register and pay online with a credit card.

22. Are there programs offered in the winter and summer for my child?

Winter indoor games (in the Sachem Gyms) are available for an additional nominal registration fee during the winter for children registered to intramurals in the under 7 & 8 age groups only. You will receive an email about this program after the fall season ends. Summer camps are run on our fields through Challenger Soccer Academy. Summer programs are advertised and posted prior to the end of the spring season. Registration is handled through Challengers website.


23. How are intramurals teams selected? 

Teams are created by SYSL trustees randomly at the U5, U6, and U7 age groups. At U8, we ask our coaches to rate the players based on various criteria. Teams are created with players of equal ratings to ensure fair and competitive games throughout the program.

How To Register A New Player

(Click on a large color block below if you need more age specific information)

1.      Create an account on our system

a.      Click on Big Yellow Register Button at Left (a new window appears, and this current instruction window stays up for directions)

b.      Click on the "Click Here to Login / Register" button

c.      Click on the Create and Account Link under First Time

2.      Add one or more parents to the account

3.      Add your child to the account

4.      Add an Emergency Contact to the account (under account settings)

5.      Click the register to play/participate button

6.      Select your child and click Register Now

7.      Select the session you are registering for (the system will only allow you to select the correct session based upon date of birth) and click the Register button

8.      Answer the questions as prompted and click continue

9.      Review the consent agreement and click accept it

10.    Checkout and pay for your registration