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Welcome to Sachem Youth Soccer League, one of Long Islands' largest soccer clubs. The mission of the league is to instruct, develop and foster a love of the sport of soccer in our membership and to promote sportsmanship through participation and by example.


Fall Registration

(Starting at Ages 2+)

How To Register A New Player For Fall

(Click on a large color block below if you need more age specific information)

1.      Create an account on our system

a.      Click on Big Yellow Register Button at Left (a new window appears, and this current instruction window stays up for directions)

b.      Click on the "Click Here to Login / Register" button

c.      Click on the Create and Account Link under First Time

2.      Add one or more parents to the account

3.      Add your child to the account

4.      Add an Emergency Contact to the account (under account settings)

5.      Click the register to play/participate button

6.      Select your child and click Register Now

7.      Select the session you are registering for (the system will only allow you to select the correct session based upon date of birth) and click the Register button

8.      Answer the questions as prompted and click continue

9.      Review the consent agreement and click accept it

10.    Checkout and pay for your registration

Rising Stars / Future Stars
Dates of birth from 8/2011 - 7/2013
Intramural Players
Dates of birth from 8/2007 - 7/2011
Interleague Players
Dates of birth from 8/1997 - 7/2007


*** Spring Season Field Map ***


BE SAFE - Do not stop or park on the South Side of the North Service Road, it is not legal, it is dangerous for you and your children, and you will be ticketed or towed. Double parking on the highway to let children out is not safe either (think about it, police cars have been hit on the side of the road with their lights on!).


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We all want the best for our children playing youth sports, what do we all need to know to support them?

Coaches and Parents Expectations:

What We Can Be Aware Of And What We Can All Do:

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US Wins 7th CONCACAF Women's Championship

US Wins 7th CONCACAF Women's Championship!

Unites States' Abby Wambach claimed the Golden Boot!!


Overhauling the American Style of Play

Read about the overhauling of the American Style of Play and the changes that may have to soccer club's in the USA.

US Coach Klinsmann's Focus on World Cup 2018 in Russia

Read about US Coach Klinsmann's focus on player development and growth to compete....

Women's Championship with 6-0 win over Costa Rica!!

On the way back to the World Cup, it's been 15 years US Women's Team last won the World Cup.....Watch Dare To Dream links

the 71s, who call themselves the “best LIJSL Select Team ever,”

As teenagers, the 71s won the Pocono Cup in Pennsylvania and played in the Dallas Cup in Texas and the 1987 Pelé Cup all over Brazil. With the World Cup being played in Brazil this past summer, the teammates, now in their early 40s, decided to have a reunion. So they met at Lily Flanagan’s in Babylon on June 14 and watched the Italy-England World Cup game from Manaus, Brazil, a place they had visited in 1987. Their coach, Bill Easteadt, even was there as the former teammates from all over the East Coast came to Long Island and the party lasted much longer than they had the room booked for. Seeing the publicity about the 71s, who call themselves the “best LIJSL Select Team ever,” was the LIJSL Select Team of boys born in 1972. This team had also won the Pocono Cup and played in the Dallas Cup as teenagers. They too were still in touch with one another so they challenged the 71s to a friendly game which took place on Saturday, August 23 at the New York Cosmos training field in the Mitchel Athletic Complex in Uniondale. (Click the link above for more of the story….)


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