Nutrition in Young Athletes

As an athlete, your physical health is key to an active lifestyle. You depend on strength, skill, and endurance, whether you’re going for the ball or making that final push across the finish line. Being your best takes time, training, and patience, but that’s not all.

Hydration Tips From An Expert

Molly Morgan, an Apalachin, N.Y. resident, is a nutrition consultant for professional sports teams as well as a published author. She offers her thoughts on the best nutrition strategy for youth soccer players.

Volunteer of the Year

On Friday, March 3rd, 2017 at the 35th annual Long Island Junior Soccer League convention the Sachem Youth Soccer League had the opportunity to recognize one of our own. Rich Caviglia, Director of Fields and Equipment was named a 2017 “Volunteer of the Year”.

Long Island Junior Soccer League News

At the 2018 Long Island Junior Soccer League annual convention we are happy to announce that one of our own has been named as a Volunteer of the Year!  Please join us in congratulating Jeff Nagel on this achievement.